Health and Safety for Fishermen

Seafish Approved Instructor: Reginald Cummings, Neil Cornwell, Norman Bridges, Gary Young, Sam Campbell.


Mandatory: Yes
All New Entrants working aboard a vessel of any size are required to have completed an approved Basic Health and Safety Course for Fishermen.


Course Certificate and Compliance:

The Seafish Industry Authority on behalf of the MCA will issue a course certificate to those who complete the course successfully.

Cost: £140


Course Content:
Know your vessel
Understanding roles and responsibilities
Maintaining effectiveness
Working safely on a fishing vessel
Dealing with emergencies.


Examination Type:
Candidates must complete a short mulitple choice exam.


Important Notice

Fishermen who joined a UK fishing vessel for the first time after 1 January 2005 and before to 1 June 2014 and did not undertake the UK Basic Health and Safety course do not have to complete this course provided that they:
a) have completed the UK Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment course
b) can demonstrate the date of joining a UK vessel prior to 2014 to the satisfaction of an MCA surveyor.