Intermediate Stability Awareness

Seafish Approved Trainer/s: Brian Harvey, Reginald Cummings
Intended for skippers of vessels less than 16.5m and anyone taking a navigational watch on any vessel. Forms part of the under 16.5m Skippers Ticket, which the MCA intends to make mandatory.



Tuition Fee: Free* (subject to eligibility) or £120
Thanks to support from the Department for Transport and the European Fisheries Fund, Seafish is currently able to fund the tuition fees for this course for experienced fishermen, providing they hold certificates in Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting and Safety Awareness.



Course Aim:
This course aims to provide fishermen with an understanding of the basic principles of vessel stability so improving vessel safety standards in the fishing industry.



On completion of this course you will understand:
• The principles of floatation as they apply to fishing vessels
• The terms used to describe basic vessel stability
• How the movement of weight can influence a vessel’s stability
• The different states of vessel equilibrium
• How the hauling of gear and landing of catch influences a vessel’s stability
• Free surface effect
• Weathertight and watertight integrity and their on effect a vessel’s stability
• How seaway influences stability
• The processes used to determine the stability and limits of operation for a vessel



Examination type:
Multiple choice



Anyone with dyslexia or other learning needs should inform the instructor during the course or the course administrator at the time of booking.